Granny Flats Factory Built

Granny Flats Factory Built

cAussiebuild 3000’s 1 and 2 bedroom granny flats are all steel construction, fully engineered, complete and ready to connect to all services.

We manufacture, road transport and crane lift onto your site.

Aussiebuild 3000 granny flats are:

  • Strong – all are prefabricated, steel frame construction and meet all cyclone and construction standards

  • Practical – as stairs and mobility impairing features are kept to a minimum, Aussiebuild 3000 granny flats are suitable for residents of all ages.

  • Affordable – Aussiebuild 3000 offers safe, comfortable granny flats for highly competitive prices.

  • Compliant – with all safety and building regulations and quality standards

  • Value – Aussiebuild 3000 granny flats not only provide more space, they can potentially generate immediate income if rented out and provide longer term gains through increased property values

Aussiebuild 3000 also builds houses, units and townhouses.

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