About Aussiebuild 3000


“We build our cars with robots and our homes with a hammer and nails”. Is it any wonder that when the home is the largest investment made by most people that we spend a lifetime just paying for our shelter.


With leadership from Jørn Utzon we have developed a steel bolt together system which consists of only three structural components which are bolted together.

They are:

  • King Posts
  • Bearers
  • Joists

Manufacturing Methods

We build core modules measuring 7.2m by 3.6m in our factory, road transport them to site and crane lift into place. Every type of building can be made with these modules.

Aussiebuild 3000 manufacture all types of buildings from one bedroom granny flats to three storey townhouses.

Unique Technology

With the assistance of Ausindustry we have developed new technology enabling us to specialise in the supply of:

  • Completed buildings
  • Flat Pack Buildings

All made from our core modules.

Problems eliminated include:

  • No Termites
  • No Building Material Wastage
  • No Wet Weather Delays
  • All Steel, Much Stronger Than Conventional Buildings.

Special Applications

Because of crane lifting we specialise in:

  • Steep Sites
  • Flood Prone Land
  • Inner City Narrow Blocks
  • Multi-Level Residential Townhouses


Aussiebuild 3000 are addressing home construction in the most modern, cost effective manner and can supply every type of home from a one bedroom granny flat to single and two level houses and also three storey townhouses.

You are most welcome to visit our Murwillumbah factory simply by making a phone call and contacting us for an appointment.